Yorta Yorta Cooperative Management Agreement

The management plan, which is being written, should cover the following themes: The State [of Victoria] recognizes that the Yorta Yorta peoples are traditional owners and have a unique intrinsic relationship with their country… In accordance with this recognition, the State will continue to play an important role for the peoples of Yorta Yorta in making land and water management decisions regarding the protection, management and sustainability of their lands, including cultural and environmental values. The agreement established the Winyula Council to advise the state on the management of these lands. The relationship between Barengi Gadjin Land Council Aboriginal Corporation and Parks Victoria is now directly maintained. This agreement understands that the legislation is in the future and that it must be addressed. With the legislation, the Yorta Yorta Nation will have an even greater right of view in the traditional country, as the agreement will not grant Yorta Yorta exclusive rights to any part of the country. The joint land management agreement is an important and important agreement, as it is also the springboard to encourage the NSW government to engage in dialogue on a similar agreement. In some cases, cooperative management agreements are the result of systems management procedures to determine title approval. They are governed by cooperative management agreements and are overseen by regional councils, which are created as advisory bodies.

Once again, I saw more tears, but this period of relief, joy and knowledge that someone had finally recognized my people as a people in our right and as the traditional owner of this country. This agreement is only the beginning of our ability to work towards self-determination and full empowerment of our own people and our country. Personally, I look forward to the day when I can sit on the banks of the mighty Dhungala River (Murray River) and fish exclusively on my own country, without the need to say a piece of paper about what I can and cannot do, and I know that only my people will walk here , sit here and fish here. I am not saying that I want to exclude others from the river system, but I just want a small territory where every person who comes here has the same thought in his heart and who can only apply to the natives, because the general population will never, ever be our spiritual connection with the land and the waters and all that it implies. , to understand. The main objectives of the agreement are to facilitate: cooperative management is a partnership between traditional owners and the Victorian government, which offers traditional owners the opportunity to participate in the management of parks and reserves in their country. Other agreements will be concluded as a result of this agreement, with phase two already on the drawing board. The second phase, the Aspirations document, will be an agreement on non-management of land, consisting of financial resources and resources that will allow the Yorta Yorta peoples to have full control over their heritage.