Work For Hire Agreement Word Document

b) If, for any reason, the Work or any part thereof is not considered a rental work, the Entrepreneur irrevocably transfers and transfers to the Company all rights, title and interest thereof, including all applicable copyright and other intellectual property rights. An employment contract serves a few very important purposes! The artist acknowledges that the title or description of the project is created by the artist for use by Creative Firm and that the title or description of the project is a work made for rental under the United States Copyright Act of 1976. At all stages of development, the title or description of the project is and remains the exclusive property of Creative Firm. If, for any reason, it is determined that the results and proceeds of the Artist Services are not a work made for rent at any time, the Artist hereby transfers to Creative Firm all right, title and interest therein, including all copyrights and extensions therein. a) The parties agree that the contractual work performed by the Contractor under this Agreement will be performed in accordance with the copyright laws of __ 3. Ownership of the work product. As a result of this Agreement, the Service Provider creates work products, including, but not limited to, documents, presentations, reports and the like, physically and/or electronically. All work products are the property of the customer. The Service Provider retains no rights in this Work Product and will provide the entire Work Product upon termination of this Agreement. Work performed as part of the course or scope of employment is generally considered temporary work. It is understood and agreed by both Parties that this Agreement does not establish or establish an employment relationship. The Contractor shall act as an independent contractor and assume all risks, expenses and insurance coverage arising from the provision of work or services under this Agreement. The Contractor is not entitled to any rights or benefits granted to the employees of the Company.

The Entrepreneur may provide similar services to third parties, subject to the confidentiality clause of this Agreement. The credit for the work is: Credit to the artist, provided that a significant part of the artist`s work is used in the final product of Creative Firm. No accidental failure by Creative Firm to comply with the line of credit shall constitute a breach of this Agreement. The rental agreement further down this page is for contract work by freelancers/independent contractors. It is important to read our additional information and guidelines on rental work and moral rights before using our models. .