Vmware Horizon License Agreement

2.5 Operating systems and third-party applications. You acknowledge that the software allows you to run multiple instances of third-party operating systems (these instances are called „host operating systems“) and third-party applications on a single physical computer. You acknowledge that you are responsible for obtaining all the appropriate licenses for their use of any instance of a third-party operating system or application. 2.7 Restrictions. Under the terms and conditions of this CAU, you cannot rent, sell, lease, sublicensing, distribute or otherwise transfer software, documentation, software license key or any online nader content (except expressly authorized by the terms and conditions of this website) to third parties or individuals (unless they are expressly authorized in Section 2.3); (ii) to provide, disclose, disclose, disclose, disclose or authorize all or part of the use of the software to third parties without the prior written consent of VMware or those who do not have a valid license to subscribe to academic and research programs, unless expressly authorized by Section 2; (iii) modify or create derivative works based on the software, unless expressly provided for in a specific DAC software product; or (iv) to use the software for computer or administrative processing and computational purposes; The software must not be disclosed or used for non-educational, non-educational or commercial purposes by persons who are not related to your university or research institution and should not be used with administrative uses of the computer. You cannot decompile, decompile, decompile, reconstruct the source code in whole or in part, or try to extract the source code from the software, or use a mechanical, electronic or other method to trace, decompil, decompile, identify or identify the source code of the software, or to encourage other people, unless the applicable law authorizes such acts, regardless of contractual prohibitions. 2.3 You can only distribute the software to students, teachers and staff for the use described in Section 2.2. You must inform these students, teachers and/or staff that the use of the software is strictly subject to the conditions of this CLA (regardless of licensing agreements that may occur during an installation procedure) and must be used exclusively in accordance with the use provided for in section 2.2 of this document.