Texas Association Of Builders Independent Contractor Base Agreement

Please note that the use of one of the documents included in the Texas Association of Builders Contracts©Version 8.0 (the „package“) constitutes your consent to the terms of this document. If you do not accept the terms of this document, you do not have permission to use the documents contained in the package, and before using any of the documents contained in the package, you must stop using the package in any way. Unauthorized use of the documents contained in the package may lead to the termination of your membership and possible legal action to demand reasonable damages. By using the package and agreeing to these conditions, you declare that you are a member of the Texas Manufacturers Association (TAB) and that you are complying with the terms of that license. If your subscription expires at any time, you lose access to the package and all package updates. The form documents in the package were largely drawn up at the request of the TAB FOR the exclusive use of Builder/Remodeler members. You agree not to use, modify, modify, reproduce, reproduce, assign, transfer, copy or otherwise distribute the form documents in the package for purposes other than those related to a transaction or transaction in which you are or likely to participate. In the event of a violation of these conditions, TAB has the effect of following all available remedies. Contract classes: 2019 – 2021 Texas residential construction classes are offered by many local owners` associations. Talk to your local association for the opportunity. NOTE: The housing industry in the state of Texas is subject to a large number of Texas laws and regulations regarding contracting, disclosure of information, payment obligations and various other legal issues that are not addressed in generic NAHB form contracts. Failure to comply with these legal and general laws exposes Texan contractors to serious legal obligations and considerable costs, including the cancellation of non-compliant contracts.