Paypal Hong Kong User Agreement

These legal agreements apply to Hong Kong users. To view agreements for another country or region, choose from the list below. We may ask you for information, as we can reasonably facilitate our measures outlined in this user agreement, allow us to reduce the risk of fraud or comply with our regulatory obligations (including money laundering). They must comply with these requirements in a timely manner. This may mean that you can provide us at your own expense with identification documents and information about your finances and affairs (e.g.B. Faxer, email or other services. By linking a source of financing to your PayPal account, you give us permanent permission to automatically charge for this source of funding (subject to this user contract and the terms of a mandate (for example. B bank debit) used by the provider of this source of financing to set up and maintain this authority) for the necessary value of electronic money: we can levy a fee for all the additional services we offer outside of this user agreement. We will insert these fees if you request the service. The data protection legislation that may apply includes all the rules, regulatory requirements and codes of conduct that apply to the provision of the services described in this agreement. For example, if you or your company is subject to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (EU) 2016/679 (RGPD), you will comply with this regime with respect to the processing of personal data. You must compensate PayPal for actions related to your PayPal account and your use of PayPal services. You are required to PayPal of claims or claims (including reasonable legal fees) that are outstanding or incurred by third parties due to or as a result of your breach of this user agreement: to avoid your misuse of PayPal services, your violation of the laws or rights of third parties and/or the actions or inaction of third parties to whom you give privileges to use your account PayPal or on our websites, software, systems (including all networks and servers used for any of the PayPal services) operated by us or on our behalf or by one of the services PayPal on your behalf.

PayPal has been authorised by Negara Malaysia Bank for the operation of an electronic money business. Therefore, if you are a Malaysian customer and you PayPal not a quick and effective response to the services provided by PayPal depending on your use of the dispute resolution procedure in accordance with PayPal clause of this user agreement or contact with PayPal customer support, you can also contact Negara Bank via BNMLINK and BNMTELELINK.