Parental Responsibility Agreement In Kenya

If the court refuses to adopt an adoption decision, the court may issue such an order with respect to the child`s parental responsibility, as the appropriate judge. When a child with such an order, decree or arrangement is accepted by the mother, and the mother is a single mother, the order, decree or arrangement referred to in paragraph 1 no longer takes effect, but expires after the adoption order is passed if she marries later. Notwithstanding the provisions of this subsection, the Tribunal is required to amend or adopt the power to enforce the child, the principal or parent or guardian of the child or any other person with parental responsibility for the child, custody order or injunction under the conditions it deems appropriate, including replacing the custody order with a supervision order. The child`s parents or any parenting person of the child are informed of all proceedings under this section and have the opportunity to be heard in this section, unless the court is satisfied that these persons cannot be found or that they are reasonably not likely to participate in the proceedings. A local authority or children`s charity that cares for a child in accordance with this section is authorized to recover the child`s maintenance costs from the parent, legal guardian or caregiver. We advise that the parents, once an agreement is reached, try to register it as a court order. This has the advantage of speeding up the process if one of the parties decides to violate the agreement. The adoption of the agreement is requested by the Children`s Court as an order of the Tribunal. Once the court accepts the arrangement as an order, then, if a parent violates the order, the parent will be held responsible for the contempt proceedings. Parental responsibility for a child may be extended by the court beyond the child`s eighth birthday if the court is satisfied, on request or automatically, that there are special circumstances concerning the welfare of the child that would require such an extension: among the rights of the parents is the right to parental guidance – in religious morality, social, cultural and other values , determine the child`s name, appoint a guardian, etc.