Board Resolution To Enter Into An Agreement

„DECIDED that Mr. X, Managing Director of the Company, would be authorized to negotiate with the counterparties and to agree on the general terms and conditions of sale in the form of one or more franchise agreements to be concluded from time to time for and on behalf of the Enterprise. FURTHER DECIDED that Mr. Someone may send me a decision of the Board of Directors to enter into a franchise agreement, which has been decided that the company will enter into a franchise agreement with__________ in accordance with the terms of a franchise agreement submitted to the Board of Directors and verified by the Board of Directors and as attached thereto; and, that it has been decided, that the President of the Enterprise shall take all necessary measures to fulfil the Enterprise`s obligations under this Agreement. „DECIDED that the board of directors of the enterprise has given its consent and that it is given to conclude and execute with any party, person or competent authority all such contracts and agreements of any kind, including, but not limited to, contracts/contracts of confidentiality, contracts of sale/sale, investment agreements, share subscription agreements, etc.

Authorised Guarantee Agreement Lease

A.A. is common in leasing commercial property, but it is important for tenants to understand the impact of them when the lease is initially granted and with each subsequent assignment. Lawyers call rental contracts „old“ or „new,“ as stated in the 1995 law. . .