Accept End User License Agreement Cisco

The Cisco ASR 1001 router and the ASR 1002-X router support licenses not locked by technology. Technology packages and feature licenses are enabled with built-in evaluation licenses. Evaluation licences are limited-time licences, valid for 60 days. When the time allowed for an evaluation license expires, the license is automatically updated on the RTU license. Once all RTU licenses are activated, there is no license expiry and are valid for life. 12.5. Cisco Partnership Operations. If you purchase Cisco Technology from a Cisco partner, the terms and conditions of this CLU apply to your use of this Cisco technology and prevail over the inconsistent provisions of your agreement with partner Cisco. The „License to Use“ command can be used to trigger a manual/demand-oriented conversion from EvalRTU to RTU. The Countdown eval Period timer no longer appears. 12.14.

Full agreement. This ECJ is the comprehensive agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this EEA and replaces any prior or concurrent communications, agreements or agreements (written or oral). Use Cisco Feature Navigator to find information about the software`s platform support and image support. With Cisco Feature Navigator, you can determine which Cisco IOS XE software images support a specific version of the software, a feature set, or a platform. To access Cisco Feature Navigator, go to An account on is not necessary. 8.1. Performance. Cisco guarantees that (a) for a period of 90 days from the date of delivery or more, as indicated in the documentation, or on the software is essentially consistent with the documentation; and (b) during the period of use, it provides cloud services with economically appropriate skills and care, in accordance with documentation and product conditions. .

Это лицензионное соглашение распространяется на все виды лицензий, обратите на это внимание. An exemplary license accepts the end user contract – yes, neither party is responsible for indirect, random, special or subsequent damage; loss or damage to data, interruption or loss of operations; Revenue, profits, revenue or expected turnover or savings.